Why Does Bail Even Exist?

Why Does Bail Even Exist?

For most people, bail is a bit of a mystery. They understand the basic concept, pay money to get out of jail, but that’s all they know. Some people wonder why bail even exists at all. These people often do not want criminals to get out of jail just by paying money. The problem is, these people do not typically have a good idea on how bail works.

Bail exists for two main reasons:

• To try and prevent overcrowding of jails.
• To avoid punishing someone before they have been found guilty.

Bail has existed for hundreds of years, and its origins can be traced back to medieval England. Back then, not every town had its own judge to determine a person’s guilt. Many towns shared judges, and so arrested individuals could spend a long time in jail before ever getting their day in court...

How Are Bail Prices Determined?

How Are Bail Prices Determined?

Many people, when they hear the price of their loved one’s bail, wonder why it is so high. How could their loved one’s bail be so expensive? It makes them wonder how the price of a person’s bail is determined.

A judge determines a person’s bail price. To start, the judge looks at something that is called a bail schedule. A bail schedule is a list that is specific to an individual county, and lists every single crime that could be committed. Alongside each crime is the base amount a person’s bail should be for that crime.

Next, the judge will look at 4 common factors:

• The person’s criminal record.
• How the crime was committed.
• The likelihood of the person fleeing if out on bail.
• The danger the person may pose to the community.

The judge will consider these 4 things t...

Why Is My Bail More Expensive?

Why Is My Bail More Expensive?

Were you recently arrested for a crime and surprised to see how expensive your bail was? Most people usually are, but you had other reasons for being shocked about the bail amount. You had a friend who was once arrested for the same reason, and their bail amount was lower than yours. How could that be? You were arrested for the same crime.

When the judge assigned your bail amount, he looked at a few different factors. These factors included:

• The crime you were accused of
• Your criminal record
• Your ties to the community

When it comes to how much a person’s bail should be for a crime, every county has what is called a bail schedule. This is simply a list of every crime, and what the bail should be for each crime...

Who Sets the High Bail Prices?

If you have ever needed to bail a friend or family member out of jail, you have probably seen how expensive it can be. Bailing someone out of jail probably made you wonder who determines the prices for bail and bail bonds.

When people contact a bail bond company to help them bail their friend out of jail, they are usually trying to get a bail at a more affordable price. However, even a bail bond can be too expensive for some people. Some people might think that this is simply because the company is greedy, but that is not the case. Bail bond prices are actually controlled by the Department of Insurance (DOI). In California, bail bond companies have to charge 10% of the price of the bail they are paying for...

Who Determines Bail Prices?

Everyone grasps the concept that bail is expensive. While bail bonds can greatly reduce the cost, they still tend to cost a couple thousand dollars. This is the kind of money that most people do not have lying around, waiting to be spent. It makes you wonder, if everyone knows bail is super expensive, why is it set so high? Who controls what a person’s bail is set at anyways?

Here in the United States, the 8th amendment to the Constitution protects us from excessive bail. Unfortunately for many people, today’s bail prices feel very excessive. However, there is some reason behind the high bail prices. Bail is meant to be used as incentive for a defendant to return to court for his or her trial...

Bail Amounts for Common Offenses

In order to be released from jail, a person must meet certain “requirements.” This includes:

• Having not yet been convicted of the crime.
• Having solid, reliable relationships with others in the community. This shows that the defendant is likely to appear for court and less likely to flee.
• Not appearing as a threat to the public.
• Having little to no prior criminal history.
• Being accused of a crime that is neither serious nor violent.
• Being granted bail.

How much bail is will really depend on a case by case basis. Understandably, the more serious the crime was, the more expensive the bail will be. Additionally, if the defendant is a repeat offender, they are more likely to have a higher bail than a person who is a first time offender...

What Determines the Cost of Bail?

As you are waiting for the formal arraignment of your loved one, here’s some information to help prepare yourself for the outcome.

A judge determines a defendant’s bail based on:

• The crime(s) the defendant is being charged with.
• The criminal history of the defendant.
• The defendant’s ties and relationships within the community.
• The defendant’s financial ability to post bail.

These are the 4 biggest components. The judge takes this information into consideration, alongside what their bail schedule outlines. For those of you who do not know, a bail schedule is list that outlines bail according to the crime.

Besides this incident, if the defendant is squeaky-clean and shows good faith, meaning they will not be a burden for the duration of trial, their bail will not need to be...

When Can You Bail Out Your Loved One


Are you wondering how long you have to bail a friend or family member out of jail? When it comes to bailing a loved one out of jail, everyone wants to know how long they have to get their friend or family member out of jail.

A lot of people think they have a limited amount of time to bail their friend or family member out of jail. While this is partially true, you usually have more time than you think you do. You have until the end of your loved one’s trial. However, your loved one would appreciate being bailed out as soon as possible.

If you wait, there is a chance your loved one’s bail can be changed. However, while your loved one’s bail could be lowered, it could also just as easily be raised. This means you want to bail your loved one out of jail as quickly as you can.

If you d...

How Are Bail Bond Prices Determined?


To anyone not used to dealing with bail, which is usually everyone, bail bond prices can seem pretty random. However, the way the price of a bail bond is determined is really simple. In the state of California, a bail bond will always be 10% of the person’s bail.

Bail itself, on the other hand, is a little more complicated than that. When someone is arrested, they usually have an arraignment hearing where a judge determines how much that person’s bail will be. To determine this, the judge will look at the defendant’s criminal history, his or her standing within the community, as well as the accused crime. All of those variants will play a factor in determining the price of the bail...