An Update on California Gun Control Laws

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California has some of the strictest gun laws in all of the U.S. but following the deadly San Bernardino shooting (and not to mention all the other mass shootings that occur across the nation), lawmakers are pushing to tighten gun control even more.

Currently, buyers are limited to buying only one handgun per month. Now, there is a proposed legislation to apply this rule to long guns like rifles and shotguns. Over the past ten years, long gun sales have surpassed handgun sales.

Another bill that lawmakers are bringing forward is one that will close a legal loophole. Currently, rifle manufacturers are able to include “bullet buttons,” meaning the owner and user can rapidly change empty ammunition magazines for full ones. The bill looks to change this.

The process for purchasing a gun...

What Happens When The Wrong People Are Jailed

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Unfortunately, there are instances where truly innocent people are wrongly convicted of a crime. So much is lost (friends, family, income, and literally years spent behind bars) that it is nearly impossible to compensate and make up for all of that.

It was recently announced that Los Angeles was going to pay $24 million to two men who were wrongly convicted of separate crimes.

Kash Register was convicted of killing a man in 1979. Two witnesses looked at photos of 6 suspects and both pointed to Register. However, there was no DNA evidence linking him to the scene and he had two alibis to vouch for his whereabouts during the time of the crime. Plus, one witness had two sisters who both claimed she was lying about witnessing the crime...

Wise Spending: Tax Refunds For A Bail Payment

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Each year, taxpayers are eligible to receive a refund on their income tax if what they owe is less than the sum of the total amount of withholding and estimated taxes they paid for the year. This money that is given back at the end of the financial year is money all taxpayers look forward to (who wouldn’t?!). The amount returned to each person will of course vary for each person according to their income but overall, no matter how big or small the amount is, it is a very welcomed tax refund.

In situations past, individuals have applied their tax refund money towards bail bond payments and it has helped them a great deal. Paying for bail is 1) never something anyone thinks they’d have to pay and 2) never something anyone is really immediately financially ready to pay...

Get Your Tax Refund To Pay For Bail

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It’s nearing time to file tax refunds and as much of a headache it is, this time around you might be more compelled to get it in on time than years past. Why? Because you have a bail bond to pay off.

You can certainly use your tax refund to help pay for bail for yourself or your loved one and it can be very helpful to you. Your tax refund is a little extra money you have at your disposal. Plus, with this extra money, you can still make your other necessary payments like rent, groceries, and bills.

To use your tax refund for your bail bond payment, you’ll need to pay your San Francisco Bail Bonds agent either in cash, a check made out to the company, or debit or credit...

When Social Media Can Backfire On You

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More police are turning to social media to catch lawbreakers and criminals. These days, almost everyone is on social media every day. So, some people need to be more careful before they hit the “post” button. Some things you probably don’t want to do on social media:

  • Posting photos of you in a location that was actually of you trespassing to get to.

  • Threats.

  • Bullying messages.

  • Talk or show weapons (even if you own them legally – be careful).

  • Bragging that you “got away with something.

Also, making a social media account private doesn’t mean the police cannot see your posts. And, deleting old incriminating content isn’t a safe bet for you either. The police can definitely find this old content.

It’s really just common sense when it comes to posting things on social media...