When Does Your Loved One Become Unbailable?


There are many people out there that worry if they take too long to come up with the money for their loved one’s bail, that they may not be able to bail him or her out at all. While there should be a sense of urgency, you do not have to worry too much. You should be able to bail your loved one for the remainder of his or her trial. However, if you wait too long, his or her bail may change.

Some people like to wait to bail their loved ones out of jail in the hopes that the bail amount may be lowered, which is a huge gamble. Sure, your loved one’s bail can be lowered, but it can just as easily be raised. If you have the money ready to go, you may just want to bail your loved one out when you can.

If you decide to hold off on bailing out your loved one, you have until the end of the tria...