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Where Does California Rank in Quality of Life? The Answer May Surprise You

Where Does California Rank in Quality of Life? The Answer May Surprise You

California is the sunshine state. Commercials for visiting California make Californians want to vacation in here. Let’s face it, we have a different way of life out here in the golden state. We’re more laid back, but also we’re used to the hustle. We enjoy specialized food shops, sand between our toes, family picnics, and a whole lot of culture. However, our quality of life might not be all that glamorous.

US News & World Report’s stat in their recent study that California is ranked the lowest among the 50 states in one category and that is for quality of life. The factors that determined the overall quality of life are: social environment and natural environment.

California ranked 44th in the natural environment. The Natural Environment ranking is determined by several factors. The factors all relate to the overall wellbeing of the environments physical health. Natural environment includes:

• Water Quality
• Low Industrial Toxins
• Low Pollution
• Urban Air Quality

California ranked 47th in the social environment category. This area of research was gathered by surveys measuring social happiness. They asked residents about their involvement. Social environment includes:

• Community engagement
• Social support
• Voter participation

Even through California ranked lowest in quality of life among the states, California did rank higher in other categories. In the health care area, the golden state ranked 11th. California highest ranked category was in economy. Of course the size of California probably had some influence of the outcome there.

Whether or not you care about this study, your opinion is actually important. Unlike other scenarios, if your opinion is that you love this state, then that is all that matters. If you enjoy the political and natural environment, then that is what is important. Since you are the one that has to live in California. Just soak up the sunshine, and enjoy the California vibes.