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What’s a Family

What is family?

The definition of family is sharing the same ancestors. It means that you share the same DNA as your mother father, siblings, and grandparents. It’s the fact that even on the days you don’t like your family, you’re forever tied to them. Family is one of those things you need in your life. You don’t always have to have blood related family, since there are friends who become like family. However, you can’t live without having some kind of blood-family structure in your life.

Family history is like a recipe book for medical issues. Knowing about your family’s medical history can help you take preventive measures. If you know you family has a history of diabetes or heart disease, you can choose to eat healthy. There are some diseases that we’re not too sure about yet, but we do know that some are genetic. Genetic diseases can be tracked through ancestry.

Family is more than just DNA and medical diseases. Families also share values, beliefs and attitudes. Normally families grow together in their beliefs. Think about all the things that you believe because your parents told you. Your family has influenced you ever since you were born. How you brush your teeth, style you hair, or anything else is all because your family showed you how to do it.

Family is ultimately supposed to be your friend. There’s a say, “blood is thicker than water,” meaning that family comes first. The bond between family members is stronger than any other relationship that you can have. Family will always be there on your worst day, and your best day. Your family will be the ones bailing you out of jail, and helping you out with day to day stuff as well. Family is that constant helping hand.

Family isn’t always easy to get along with. There are a bunch of families that don’t work well together. They don’t always get along, but you still need them in your life. Without them, you might not know about a genetic disease in your family history. Without family you might feel alone in your beliefs and life. Family is not just sharing an ancestor, it’s being there.