What Is the Difference between Bail and Bail Bonds?

What Is the Difference between Bail and Bail Bonds

There are many concepts out there that most people have very little knowledge about. An example of this would be bail and bail bonds. Most people assume these two terms refer to the same thing, but they do not. These two things both revolve around getting someone out of jail, but they are different.

Bail is an amount of money that can be paid to the court in order for a person to get out of jail for the remainder of the trial. The bail is used as incentive to convince the person to return to court after they are released. If the person does come back for all of their court dates, then they will get the money they used for bail back at the end of the trial.

Bail bonds are similar, but they are not the same thing as bail. A bail bond is used by a bail agent to post a client’s bail. When a person gets a bail bond from a bail agent, they only pay a fraction of the actual bail amount to the agent. After the bail agent has been paid, they post the bail for their client. Using a bail agent to post bail is 90% cheaper than paying for the bail itself, however, the money isn’t returned in this situation as it is when paying for the bail.

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