Too Drunk for What?

Too Drunk for What?

We see the slogans all around when we drive down the road. These slogan say things like, “don’t drink and drive”, “drive sober or get pulled over”, and “buzzed driving is drunk driving”. Slogans may seem pointless and repetitive, but there is reason why they are so redundant. In 2017 in California, around the holidays, DUIs increased 22% according to California Highway Patrol (CHP).

DUIs are not just arrests, they also include accidents. According to the California Department of Motorized Vehicles (DMV) in 2013, their most recently released records, 160,388 people were arrested for a DUI. Out of those arrests, 38% of those incidents resulted in alcoholic related DUI fatality.

The DMV provides information in regards to DUIs and shows that the amount of DUIs has doubled in s...

How Much is One Serving of Alcohol?

The countdown to summer break has begun, leaving students and families eager to get away from school and work in order to have some fun. These long hot days and warm nights bring some of the best memories each year. Admittedly, alcohol has a big part in that because it allows everyone to relax and loosen up. Moreover, if there is no work, school, or another obligation to attend to the next morning, the alcohol will keep flowing. With that being said, the alcohol consumption should only go so far. Each individual should know when to say no to a drink.

The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit in California is 0.08%. It does not take the same amount of drinks for everyone to reach that level. How much alcohol has an effect on someone depends on a large number of factors...