Keep Calm And Don’t Get Yourself Arrested Too

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If you’re in a situation where the police are, at that moment, arresting your friend, do not give the police any reason to arrest you too. We understand that you are angered by the situation and want to help your friend out, and you’re probably verbally arguing with the cops. But be careful as to not get yourself cuffed either. Don’t let your frustration of the escalated situation get too much for you.

So here’s what you should do and how you can help your friend:

  • Calm down and cooperate.
  • Speak with one of the officers and find out why your friend is being arrested and where they are taking him or her.
  • Get the officer’s name, badge number, and vehicle number.
  • Record the time and where this event is happening.
  • Get statements and contact information from any available witnes...