Ready for Rain? Tips to Avoid Issues


Get ready for rainy days, California! Whether we get few rain days or many, it is best to check over your car so that it is weather-ready. It is wise to review safety driving tips for the rainy season. Doing both can prevent a number of things: 1) getting pulled over and/ or ticketed by the cops, 2) getting into an accident, 3) getting injured, 4) death.

≺ Drive slower and leave more space than normal between you and the car ahead of you.
≺ Always use your signal lights when switching lanes or turning.
≺ Turn headlights on when windshield wipers are in use, even if it is sunny.
≺ Use headlights in low visibility.
≺ Make sure all lights on your car are working properly.
≺ If you find yourself hydroplaning, remove your foot from the gas, but do not brake...