Skate Away from the Freeway Challenge

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Have you heard of the freeway challenge in California? This new challenge that is happening in Los Angeles has skateboarders riding their boards on freeways! Insane to you and us, but apparently less so for these skateboarders.

Usually when the traffic is slow, a skateboarder will get out on the freeway to skate and do some tricks. A friend will be taking a video and then it will be uploaded onto social media with the hashtag, #freewaychallenge. Clearly, this is dangerous for everyone on the road and the CHP is looking to use social media to track down some of these violators, subjecting them to hefty fines. A stunt like this can easily go terribly wrong with people getting injured and arrested.

    The two key takeaways from this:

  1. Do not get involved with this challenge...

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Sausalito Bail Bond Store

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Sausalito Bail Bonds Store

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