What Are My Options When Paying for a Bail Bond?


At a good bail bond company, like South of Market Bail Bond Store, you will have many options when you need to pay for your loved one’s bail. There are many bail bond companies out there, and each one is a little different. The best ones will accept a number of different payment options in an attempt to make their clients’ lives easier.

That is why most bail bond companies accept cash, checks, credit, and debit as forms of payment. Some will even give you the option to pay online, over the phone, or in person. This way, the company’s clients can pay with whichever method works best for them at the time.

A good bail agent knows how to make the bail bond process quick and simple for clients. If you want to work with a good bail agent, then you need to contact the professionals at Sout...

Bail: The Best Christmas Gift for the Whole Family


The best gift you could possibly give to your family this Christmas is the one member of the family who is currently sitting in jail and trying to post bail. The rest of your family is thinking they will have to postpone the holiday celebrations because this family member will not make bail until after Christmas Day, but you have a special trick up your sleeve to get them home for the holidays.

Call us Santa’s Little Helper. We at South of Market Bail Bond Store have the affordable bail bond and customized payment plan you have been searching for. We will work with you to bail your loved one out of jail ASAP, so you can surprise the family come Christmas Day. Honestly, a surprise like this is one they will remember forever...

South of Market Bail Bond Store Really Is 24/7


All we want on Christmas is to have a nice time with family. Maybe a warm evening filled with delicious food, tasty drinks, fun gifts, a nice fireplace, and lots of smiles. We do not want the phone to ring or an unexpected knock at the door. We want to focus on our families.

Everyone wants that and we hate to say it, but not everyone may get that. Some people’s holidays will be rudely interrupted by a call from their loved one saying they have been arrested.

If this is the case, then we urge you to interrupt our evening. We at South of Market Bail Bond Store will focus on you and help you get a bail bond for your arrested loved one. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are available 24/7 and honestly, all of our employees are 100% dedicated to the job...

Keeping the Holiday Spirit Alive When It Matters Most


It can be difficult to get into the holiday spirit if someone in your close-knit group of friends or family members is in danger of missing the holiday fun. Although they committed a mistake that landed them in jail, you do not think that they deserve to be kept in jail and forced to miss the joyous, loving times. You are embracing the holiday spirit by wanting to help bail them out of jail and support them through this tough time. Love, support, and just being surrounded by family friends is the right way to start this process.

In order to bail your loved one out of jail as soon as possible at an affordable price, you are going to want to have a bail agent from South of Market Bail Bond Store assisting you. We are on your side and will work alongside you to get the best outcome. South of...