What Cosigners And Defendants Need To Know

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Cosigning onto a bail bond is a huge gesture of the signer towards the defendant who needs the bail bond. However, it also is a risk for the cosigner. And for the defendant, it is a lot of trust and good faith instill upon them, from the cosigner.

For the cosigner:

  • You are agreeing to be responsible for the defendant going to court. If the defendant fails to show up in court on his or her date, then you may be required to pay bail money and/ or you may lose collateral.
  • Understanding this risk and responsibility, you may withdraw your name from the bail bond at anytime, without penalty.
  • For the defendant:

  • You are expected to show up in court as required. If you do not, your cosigner loses money and/ or collateral that he or she pledged in your good name...