How to Help the Wine Country

How to Help the Wine Country

California tends to catch on fire every year, except this year it caught on fire in wine country. Wine Country in California includes:

• Napa Valley
• Sonoma Country
• Gold Country
• Livermore
• Tri-Valley
• Lodi
• Mendocino
• Monterey County
• San Luis Obispo County
• Santa Barbra County
• Santa Cruz County
• Temecula Valley

Wine Country is a large part of California, and with it being burned this past year, it is greatly affecting many folk’s lives. Visit California recommends several ways folks can help Wine Country recover.

• Plan a visit
• Stay at the hotels
• Drink wine, or beer
• Donate directly

When making a donation to Wine Country, you can check out for more information. There are several charities that you can donate to including:

• Napa Valley...