If You Think You Were Wrongfully Arrested

In general, the public has less authority than the police. However, police authority can only go so far. They have certain boundaries and restrictions they must work within. In the instance that they make an arrest beyond the scope of their powers, they have made a false arrest and can get in trouble for it.

For example, a police officer makes an arrest based on another person’s statement. The court granted the police a warrant for this arrest. Later, it is revealed that the person lied. The person who was arrested is freed, and no false arrest was made.

However, if a person insults an officer and the officer takes it personally, arresting this individual would be false and wrong. This civilian did not commit a crime and they could take the police officer to court over the matter.

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Here is Why You Should Not Get Upset if You Are Getting Arrested

Depending on the scope of the situation, the police can arrest a person, or multiple persons, for a crime, and release them later on without charging them. It can be because they are found innocent or there is not enough evidence to keep them locked up. No matter who is getting arrested, including those who know they are innocent, it is wise to not fight back with the police during the arrest itself. It does not look good to the arresting officer. This will fuel their authority and give them even more reason to believe you are guilty of something.

So what should you do if you are ever arrested? Take note of when and where this happened. Take note of the arresting officer’s name, badge, and vehicle number. Get witnesses’ contact information. Take photos and video on your phone...