Everyone has the Right to Bail

Everyone has the Right to Bail

Here in the US, everyone has the right to bail in most cases. Of course, there are a few instances when bail can be denied, but for the most part are granted the opportunity to post bail. This is great, because it allows a defendant to stay out of jail during the trial period, which opens them up to so many opportunities. This is why, if someone you know has been arrested and granted bail, you should help them.

When a person bails out of jail, they will be free for the remainder of their trial period. Once the trial is completed, they will either be free to go if they were found innocent, or arrested and taken into custody if they are found guilty. This freedom during the trail, helps a defendant avoid being punished for a crime that they have not been found guilty of...

What Is Own Recognizance?

What Is Own Recognizance?

When it comes to bail, there are plenty of terms out there that people do not recognize. One that many people want to know about is own recognizance release. Some people have heard rumors that own recognizance release is a way to bail out of jail without paying. Those rumors would be correct, but it is not that simple.

No one can just ask to be released. A judge decides if a defendant qualifies for release. The case judge will look at several different factors to determine if a defendant qualifies for own recognizance release. Those factors are often out of the hands of the defendant, meaning he cannot make himself more likely to be released on own recognizance. The judge will look at the factors when determining if a person will be released on own recognizance:

• The crime the defendant...

Is Bail Ever Denied?

Is Bail Ever Denied?

Some people may not realize this, but there is a chance that a person can be denied bail after his arrest. While the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution prevents excessive bail, is does not guarantee that everyone will be allowed bail. There are some instances when a person is denied bail, and most people would agree with those instances.

The main reason that an arrested person would be denied bail, is that he poses a danger to the community. This fact is often determined by looking at the crime that the person was arrested for. People who were arrested for violent crimes are always denied bail. Nobody wants someone who has been accused of murder to be able to roam free on the streets.

Another common reason for a person being denied bail is that he poses a flight risk...

Get Your Loved One Home for Mother’s Day

Rather than disappointing and upsetting Mom in the days before Mother’s Day by admitting to her your sibling has been arrested, take action and bail him or her out of jail. Just because they have been arrested, does not mean they will be missing Mother’s Day. Bailing out of jail is a short process, but it is a very worthwhile one. Not only does it mean your sibling can be home for Mother’s Day, they can be home for all the other days after that, before and during his or her trial. By bailing out of jail, your sibling is allowed to return home, go back to work, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy their time and freedom.

There are two options for posting bail. The first, is to pay the entire amount in cash to the court...

Yes, Use Your Tax Return for Bail Money

Before you go spending all the money you got from your tax return, think about some wiser possible uses for this money. Things like rent, utility bills, or even your bail bond payments. These are bills that you should never fall behind on and at this moment, your bail bond payments may even out-prioritize your rent.

Your recent arrest is the reason you have bail bond payments to make. Instead of living in jail until your trial, you posted bail with a bail bond from San Francisco Bail Bond Store. This allowed you to be released from jail and return home to go about your normal life. A bail bond costs only 10% of the full bail amount and you are set up on a payment plan so you pay off that 10% over the course of several months...

Your Tax Return = a Bail Bond Contribution

If you are helping your loved one by paying for their bail bond, they are putting a lot of trust in you to not fall behind or miss a payment. In return, you’re also putting a lot of trust in them to make it to their court appointments and stay out of trouble.

Paying for a bail bond is a big commitment and comes with a lot of responsibility. At first you might hesitate at the idea of paying for someone else because it is your money after all, but you will get over that thought the moment you see how much your loved one thrives outside of jail.

You do not want to miss a payment. San Francisco Bail Bond Store will work with you in the beginning stages to come up with a payment plan that fits your financial needs. They will help make sure you are staying on top of you payments...

Bail Bond Myths Debunked!


Anyone who is in need of a bail bond is most likely going to be frantic and stressed. In all likelihood, they will not know all the details about bail bonds or what to expect. Due to this lack of understanding about bail bonds, there are a bunch of myths out there that surround the industry.

San Francisco Bail Bond Store is here to help debunk a couple of those myths and help you see that bail agents are your friends. San Francisco Bail Bond Store is on your side if you need a bail bond for yourself or a loved one.

MYTH: Bail agents are intimidating, wear long dark trench coats, and thick jewelry.
FACT: Bail agents do not dress like your stereotypical club bouncer. They dress like your everyday professional businessman or woman and are very friendly and helpful...