Advantages and Benefits to Using Bail Bonds


It is easy to see the negatives when you are involved in a bail bond process, whether you are the one who needs out of jail or you are the one helping a loved one out. It is a terrible situation that no one wants to be in, so obviously seeing the light of the situation is pretty hard.

We here at Excelsior Bail Bond Store want to shed some more light on bail bonds to help you see the advantages and benefits of using bail to get out of jail.

• Saving money: You are paying only 10% of the full bail amount, leaving you with that 90% to save or spend as you need.
• Saving time: Cash bail requires 100% payment before the defendant can be released from jail. Gathering this money can take some time. With a bail bond, you pay smaller installments after the defendant’s release.
• Security and con...

Pros and Cons of Helping Post Bail


If it ever came down to it, would you agree to help pay for your loved one’s bail bond, or would you rather someone else take care of the problem so you do not have to be financially involved?

Pros to helping your loved one bail out of jail:

• They can get out of jail faster.
• They can return home and go to work.
• They will be surrounded by supportive loved ones, and comfort.
• They are more likely to begin self-growth and handle the future responsibly.
• Your relationship and bond with them will grow stronger.

Cons to helping your loved one bail out of jail:

• You will have to adjust your finances to compensate paying for a bail bond even though you will have a flexible payment plan.
• They will remain in jail.
• They will be surrounded by intimidating and potentially dangerous inma...