What Do You Mean Bail Bonds Can Put You In Jail?

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Bail bonds have the power to get people of out of jail, but, in another dimension of thought, they can also get people into trouble and in jail. What we mean is illegal bail bond soliciting.

Take for example, ‘Leonard Jimmy Ramirez’, a former LAPD jail employee. He is accused of selling inmate information to a bail bond company in Van Nuys, California. The bail bond company, who now has this confidential information, will then reach out to the inmates’ friends and family to sell their services and begin bail bond contracts. This illegal process is formally known as “bail capping.” Within this, bribery and leaking of confidential information occurs.

Both Ramirez and the owners of the bail bond company are charged with felonies; Ramirez faces up to almost 5 years in state prison while...

Bailed Out Once, Bail Out Twice! Alameda Bail Bond Store Will Help You 24/7

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Getting arrested once is nothing to brag about. But getting arrested a second, third, or fourth time is also nothing to brag about. (And for the record, getting arrested 5 times or more – also nothing to brag about). If you’ve been arrested at least once before, then fortunately you are familiar with the whole arraignment and bail process already. But wait – is having a pre-existing criminal record a problem with the bail bond company? It shouldn’t be, unless you were very uncooperative during the first time. Is applying for a bail bond a second time going to be a problem with the bail bond company? It shouldn’t be – it isn’t at Alameda Bail Bond Store.

If you’ve used a bail bond to get out of jail once before, and made your payments on time and went to court as ordered, then th...

Alameda Bail Bonds Store Will Take Care of You and Your Arrested VIP

Alameda Bail Bonds Store

It can be very troubling when someone important to you has been arrested. Suddenly, one of your friends or family members is in dire need of help, and he or she is counting on you. What your loved one may not realize is how expensive bail can be. Lucky for you, you can count on Alameda Bail Bonds Store to help make bail more affordable for you.

We have been bailing Californians out of jail since 1987. That gives us, and our bail agents, 29 years of experience in making bail bonds easier and more affordable for our clients. We want our clients to be able to bail their loved ones out of jail because, they are not just important, they are very important.

We make bailing your VIP out of jail easier and cheaper at Alameda Bail Bonds Store...