What Does the Passing of Prop 64 Entail, Exactly?


Marijuana is now legal in California. Whether you voted yes, or no, you are probably wondering what the new rules really are. Can anybody smoke weed wherever they want now? Who can purchase it and how much? Here is some helpful information to know about the passing of Prop 64:

≺ The law did not change the rules overnight so anyone cannot simply walk into a dispensary and purchase marijuana yet.
≺ The new Bureau of Marijuana Control will develop terms and conditions for retailers to follow by January 2018.
≺ Retailers must have a state license to sell.
≺ City residents will vote on additional regulations. Marijuana is legal in the state, but cities can still retain control for certain regulations.
≺ Recreational weed will have to be defined separately than medicinal weed.
≺ Marijuana-relat...