Can I Bail Someone Out of an Out-of-State Jail from California?

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Bailing someone out of jail in a state other than California is doable, but will be a little more complex than if the person was arrested within California. You may wonder if being out-of-state will be an issue, but in most cases, it shouldn’t be.

To bail someone out of an out-of-state jail, you will need to call the jail where your loved one is being held and discuss the details. You will also need to contact a bail bond company local to the area of arrest who can help you since a number of California bail bond companies do not operate outside of the state. Again, discuss the details with them. They can usually handle the bail over the phone and very seldom would they require the co-signer to fly out there.

If you are bailing someone you love out of a California jail, then the only c...

The Art of Bailing Out of Jail

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Bailing out of jail is a task that is less complex than most people think, and it is certainly a stress reliever as well. It requires a little bit of research, professional help, money, and a lot of moral support and strength. Here is what it takes to bail a person out of jail.

  • Hiring a professional bail agent and company.
    Some research ought to be done in order to find the best bail bond company to help you. Affordability, response rate, work speed, and overall customer satisfaction are important things to look for.
  • Settling on a workable payment schedule.
    A bail bond will cost at the very least, 10% of the bail amount. This 10% is called the premium and can be split up into multiple payments that are made weekly or monthly, depending on the payment schedule...