Worried About Your Upcoming Background Check?

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In applying for a loan, a job, or an apartment, you are pretty familiar with the interview and background check process. It is a long waiting game for you to be cleared and given the thumbs up. Have you ever wondered what banks, employers, and landlords look at during the background check? Do you have a point on your criminal record that you are worried about? Will they even see it, and will it affect their decision?

For background checks, offenses have a 7-year lifespan, any offense that happened over 7 years ago will not appear on the background check; unless it resulted in a conviction. Any records that have been sealed or expunged will not appear on the background check; banks, employers, and landlords will not have access and authority to see these hidden records.

Many times, an exis...

What To Expect When You’re Arrested And Booked | San Francisco Bail Bond Store & Bail Bondsman

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Immediately after someone is arrested, they will be booked. This booking process is to document the person’s information to have on record, creating an official arrest record.

Here’s what happens:

  • The defendant’s personal information will be taken, such as name, date of birth, height, weight, etc.
  • The crime for which the suspect was arrested for will be taken.
  • The defendant will take a series of mug shots.
  • The defendant will relinquish clothes and small personal items they had to the police; they will not be thrown out, but instead stored then returned if and when the defendant posts bail.
  • Fingerprints will be taken.
  • The police will do a full body search, where the defendant will have to remove their clothes.
  • The police will search the databases for any outstanding warrants...

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