Dogpatch Bail Bonds Accepts Tax Returns As Payment

Dogpatch Bail Bonds

Bail bonds through Dogpatch Bail Bond Store are flexible and affordable. We customize payment plans as much as we can according to each client’s situation and accept a range of payment options like cash, credit and debit, checks, collateral, and even tax returns – which in reality would be converted into cash, credit or debit, or a check made to Dogpatch Bail Bond Storeanyway.

The cost for each bail bond will depend on how much the judge had set bail at for the defendant. The price of that will depend on what violation was. Misdemeanors can be a few hundred to tens of thousands and felonies can go as high as the millions. To calculate the bail bond price, you would take the bail figure and calculate 10 to 15% of it – that’s the range for Dogpatch Bail Bond Store-10-15% of the full ba...