Animal Abuse Now Illegal at the Federal Level

Animal Abuse Now Illegal at the Federal Level

Animal Abuse Now Illegal at the Federal Level

Winter hasn’t even officially arrived yet and already California is beginning to see winter weather. This means that all pet owners should get ready to really start taking care of their pets this winter. This is especially true for pets who spend a lot of time outdoors. Failing to do so can get a person into trouble for animal abuse here in California.

On top of that, a new law has been signed into effect at the federal level surrounding animal abuse. This means that if a person abuses an animal, they can face charges at both the state and federal level.

The PACT Act

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a federal law that prevents animal cruelty here in the United States until recently. The only thing that came close was the Animal Crush Video...

Criminal Threat Laws in California

Criminal Threat Laws in California

Criminal Threat Laws in California

No one likes to be scared, and making threats against someone is a sure fire way to scare them. It doesn’t really matter if the person making the threat ever intended to actually carry out the threat as long as the victim believed him or her. The person being threatened may not know that the threat is a joke, or just a scare tactic, and so they get scared.

Making threats, fake or not, is a great way to cause trouble, which is why it is a crime here in California to make criminal threats. Despite this, there seems to have been a bit of a rise in criminal threats over the last few years. To make matters worse, many of these threats have been aimed toward schools.

California Penal Code 422

Here in the state of California, the act of making a criminal thr...

Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

Black Friday

Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

As the holiday season draws ever closer, many people are setting their sights on Black Friday and its many deals. Unfortunately for any deal seekers out there, there aren’t enough deals to go around. This causes a lot of stress and even a lot of fights the day of the sale.

What’s more, there are many people out there looking to take advantage of people who are too focused on finding the best deal. In order to avoid any potential theft, it is important for every Black Friday shopper to take the proper precautions. After all, anything bad happening on Black Friday would be a rough start to the Christmas season.

In the Parking Lot

Before any shopper even gets to a store, they have to deal with the parking lot. Finding parking can be difficult even on a good day. On Black Friday, parking lots can become incredibly dangerous between half asleep shoppers and rushing drivers. Then throw a few crooks into the mix and it is easy to understand why people need to be extra careful on this day.

Here are some tips for staying safe in parking lots on Black Friday:

  • • Always lock doors and roll up windows when leaving the car, no matter how quick the trip inside may be.

When the Wind Stops Stoplights

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When The Wind Stops Stoplights

With the arrival of fall in California comes lots of windy weather. Typically, this just means a lot of dust and leaves everywhere. Unfortunately, for many people this year, this also means a loss of power. This is due to the controlled blackouts being issued by power companies like Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).

After being found responsible for several of the recent large wildfires which plagued the state, these utilities companies are being extra cautious with their equipment. This means that if there is any chance that high winds could down a power line and spark a blaze, they will shut off power to large portions of towns for several hours...