Things to Avoid for Memorial Weekend

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Memorial Weekend is fast approaching, and in order to allow yourself to stay out as long as you wish, and drink as much as you want, while remaining safe of course, we want you to arrange your transportation to and from your shindig ahead of time. You have plenty of options: Lyft, Uber, taxi, public transit, or a designated driver from a friend or family member.

By arranging safe transportation and not choosing to drink and drive yourself, you:

  • Avoid a DUI
  • Avoid injury
  • Avoid a fatality
  • Avoid fines
  • Avoid jail time

That is quite a list to consider. So much can go so wrong when someone gets behind the wheel while drunk. It can quickly turn a fun Memorial Weekend into a very, very bad one.

Do not worry, Broadmoor Bail Bond Store will be working 24/7, right through Memorial Weekend...

Use a Bail Bondsman You Can Trust, Use Broadmoor Bail Bond Store

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When someone you care about has been arrested, you will do whatever you need to, to get him or her released from jail. Should that really include using a bad bail bonds company because they said they could give you a deal? A lot of bail bonds companies will say they can give you a deal, but do not really mean it. Do not be fooled by the lies.

Instead, use a bail bonds company that really intends to give you a deal. Use Broadmoor Bail Bond Store. We have been taking care of Californians and their loved ones since 1987 and when we say we can help you, we mean it. You need to be able to trust your bail agent, and at Broadmoor Bail Bond Store, you can trust our bail bondsmen.

At Broadmoor Bail Bond Store, we are honest and upfront with how much it will cost to bail out your loved one...

Get the Bail Help That You Need at Broadmoor Bail Bond Store

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If someone you care about has found him or herself in the unfortunate position of being arrested, you do not have to panic. You can get your loved one bailed out of jail quickly and easily if you call Broadmoor Bail Bond Store. We have been bailing people’s loved ones out of jail since 1987 and so we can get your loved one out of jail easily.

When you have been helping people as long as we have, you gain a lot of experience. Our bail bondsmen are some of the most experienced in all of California and it is this experience that allows us to get your loved one out of jail in no time. Just give one of our skilled bail agents the name of the person arrested, his or her birthday, and the county where he or she was arrested in order to get the bail bonds process started.

Once our bail agents h...

Snitching On Your Friend for His or Her Own Good

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If your best friend is struggling to post bail while in jail and you cannot help out, maybe the best person to lend a helping hand is his or her mom and dad. The problem is, your friend does not want them to find out that he or she has been arrested. However, maybe “tattling” on your best friend is the best way you can help them right now.

Both sides may be furious; your friend at you and the parents at your friend. However, without their knowing, who else do you know who would be able to pitch in to afford the bail bond? The anger will subside quickly when everyone gets on the same page so do not stress. Bail bonds are already the more affordable route to bailing out a friend, but still some people need a little extra financial support. That is quite all right with Broadmoor Bail Bon...

The Cost of Keeping a Person in Jail

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Can you guess how much it costs to keep a person in a California prison?


That’s $64,000 per person.

This cost covers housing, feeding, and caring for the prisoner. And even though California prison populations are slowly declining (yet still overcrowded), the costs aren’t going down. In fact, they’re going up.

California also spends $1 billion each year to accommodate California jails, where people are serving short-term sentences are waiting for their trial.

The numbers are pretty jaw-dropping, huh? This is where some of your tax money goes, and it’s very likely not a very nice thought.

But your loved one, who was recently arrested, doesn’t necessarily need to be one of those many who sits in jail, waiting for their trial. Instead of spending your taxes on their jail...