New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

It is that time of year where people begin to form a list of promises they want to make to themselves. New Year’s Resolutions are positive and uplifting to some, while they are a joke to others. According, Newswire, the top ten New Year’s Resolutions are:

• Stay fit and healthy
• Lose weight
• Enjoy life
• Save more money
• Spend more time with friends and family
• Get organized
• Learn something new
• Travel more

The pros to having resolutions are that they provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your life. In order to form a list, you have to first look back and evaluate your life. Another positive thing about resolutions is that they give you a goal and help you plan the next year.

The cons to a list of resolutions is it enables procrastination...

DUI Checkpoints in California

DUI Checkpoints in California

If you did a lot of driving over the Labor Day weekend, it is likely that you encountered a DUI checkpoint at some point. It might have been a bit bothersome, since the checkpoint probably backed up traffic slightly, but it was for a good reason. The point of DUI checkpoints is to identify drivers who are under the influence and get them off of the road.

This becomes very important over 3 day weekends, since they tend to involve a lot of partying and drinking. This can lead to a sharp rise in drunk driving for that weekend. Law enforcement officers know this, which is why they set up checkpoints in an effort to reduce the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Checkpoint locations will be posted ahead of time, usually online or in the local paper...

Road Trip Checklist

Summer is the perfect time to take a road trip with friends. It is vacation season and the weather is perfect for you to drive your convertible with the wind blowing in your hair. Whether you have a destination in mind or you prefer to just drive, make sure you have packed your essentials such as sunglasses, sunblock, swim suits, and have your driving playlist ready. Before you get on the road, make sure to do a safety check of your vehicle.

• Check that all exterior lights of the car work properly: head lights, tail lights, brake lights, signal lights, and high beams.
• Make sure your horn is working, and loud for others to hear.
• All passengers need to be wearing a seat-belt. Make sure those function properly.
• Hopefully it will not rain, but in case it does, you will want your win...