Why Colma Bail Bond Store?


Colma Bail Bond Store is a 30 year old California bail bond company. What we do at Colma Bail Bond Store is work with families and friends of jailed defendants, those who were recently arrested and have yet to stand trial. Together, we bail those loved ones out of jail using bail bonds that are much more affordable than 100% cash bail. Here is a quick rundown of what Colma Bail Bond Store offers:

• 24/7 availability throughout California
• Free consultations
• 0% interest
• No hidden fees
• Customized payment plans
• 20% discount available
• Fast, confidential, courteous service
• Friendly, professional, licensed agents
• Cash, credit, debit, and checks accepted
• Convenient and secure online payment portal

If you, or a loved one, are ever in need of a bail bond, please contact Colma Bail...

DUI Checkpoint Happenings


If you are driving at night and you come upon a section of a street that is coned off, has extra lights, and more police officers than normal, and they are not responding to a situation, it is likely a DUI Checkpoint. Unless you are actually driving while intoxicated at the moment you will not have anything to worry about when you are motioned to pull over to their coned off area.

The officer will ask where you are going, if you have been drinking, and if so, how much. If everything checks out, you will be free to keep going to your destination. Those who are found under the influence will have to sit at their on-site Drunk Tank to sober up. Worst case scenario is that the driver would be arrested, but that is usually under the more extreme circumstances.

If that extreme circumstance hap...