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Surf’s Up! Why You Should be Surfing in the Winter

Surf’s Up! Why You Should be Surfing in the Winter

One of the many benefits of living in California is that you’re right by the coast. In California, you can go ski the mountains, hiking in the pines, drive through the desert, and surfing on the coast all in one day. Some might assume the best time to go to the coast is in the summer. That might be true if all you want to do is lay out in the sun. However, if you’re a surfer, you’ll find the best time to go catch some waves is in the winter.

That is if you want bigger swells. According to Surfline, the perks of surfing in the winter include: less crowds and a bigger swell. The winter swell usually occurs in November to February. Even though you can surf year round, winter has a few perks.

The fewer people in the water allows you to focus one performing tricks. You won’t have to worry about accidentally running someone over with your surfboard. This also reduces the stress of unintentionally going into another’s surf line.

Larger swells means it’s perfect to attempt some tricks. Typically, in the summer months you’ll get swells of 1-2 ft. In the winter months, you’ll get swells of 2 ft. and higher according to Surfing Waves, a surf report website. Since the swell is larger than normal, the winter season is perfect time for sports.

Even through the winter months are prime time to surf, it is also very cold. The water temperatures drop in the winter and so wet suits are highly recommended to stay warm. Surf socks, or booties are also suggested to help you stay focused on the surf and not the cold. Just because the colder weather rolled in, doesn’t mean you have to give up surfing.