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Struggling with Procrastination

Struggling with Procrastination

Anyone who has spent a stressed out night struggling to finish an important project the night before it is due knows how bad procrastination can be. They have likely experienced that situation several times throughout life and each incident is always followed by the promise to never procrastinate again. Unfortunately, the cycle typically repeats itself the next time a large project is placed in front of the procrastinator.

Luckily, there are ways for a person to get a handle on their procrastination problem. Try some of the following tips to conquer your procrastination habits.

• One of the best things to do, is to simply commit to a task. Don’t let yourself get distracted or walk away from the task that you need to get done.
• Give yourself a reward for completing the task in a decent amount of time. This will give you a good incentive to keep working diligently.
• Don’t try to multitask no matter how good you think you are at it. Pick one task and focus on it while avoiding distractions like TV and social media.
• Do the harder tasks first and save the easier ones for later. This way, the hard stuff gets out of the way sooner.
• Keep a to-do list to help visualize what needs to be done and by when. This will help pre vent you from forgetting about a task and give you an extra boost of satisfaction every time you cross something off of the list.

Procrastination is a horrible habit, but it can be broken with a bit of hard work and dedication. Once the habit is broken, you will feel so much better knowing that you can get even the most difficult of task accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. Who wouldn’t want to experience that feeling?