Most People Have Questions about Bail

Most People Have Questions about Bail

People always have questions about bail and the bail process. This is due to the fact that most people are never taught about bail. Schools don’t teach it, and the hope is that most people will not need to know about bail. After all, who wants to think that their friend or family member might get arrested?

Here at Bail Bonds in San Francisco, we like to do everything that we can to help our clients. This means we need to do more than just rescue their friends and family members from jail, we need to answer their questions too. This is why we do everything that we can to educate our clients on the bail process.

How much does bail cost in California?
The cost of bail is dependent on many different factors. Some of these factors include the crime committed and the person’s criminal record. It is difficult to determine a person’s bail amount unless they have already had their arraignment hearing.

How much do bail bonds cost?
The cost of bail bonds is easier to determine. In the state of California, bail bonds will always cost 10% of the bail they are meant to pay for. Basically, if a person’s bail is set at $25,000, the bail bond will only cost $2,500.

Can you finance the bail bond?
Yes, you can at Bail Bonds in San Francisco. We offer financing options that are customized to meet the needs of each individual client.

Is there interest on the bail bond?
No. Here at Bail Bonds in San Francisco, we do not charge interest on any of our bail bonds.

What are co-signers?
Co-signers are people who are willing to sign the bail bond contract to bail their loved one out of jail. By signing the contract, co-signers are taking responsibility for the bail and their loved one.

If you still have questions about the bail process, do not worry. Most people do. You can get more answers by talking to one of our professional bail agents here at Bail Bonds in San Francisco. Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can answer any of your questions.

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