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Memorial Day Is Not Veterans Day

Memorial Day Is Not Veterans Day

There are several holidays that are prime BBQ days with the family. These holidays are typically in the summertime and give us a good excuse to eat delicious food. If we’re being honest, most of these holidays we know are important, but we’re not always clear on the meaning behind them. Plus we may even get them confused with other holidays. Like Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

If you don’t know this, you may be surprised to learn that Memorial Day is not the same thing as Veterans Day. Memorial Day always falls on the last Monday of May while Veterans Day always lands on November 11th. This separates the holidays by a whole season. One is celebrated at the start of summer, and the other is celebrated in the fall. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. Veterans Day was formed back in 1918, and coincides with Remembrance Day.

Veterans Day is a celebration of the living service members who have served. Memorial Day is about those fallen service members who died in the line of duty. However, both holidays are meant to honor service members from the first militia to the newest service members. Each holiday is about honor and paying respects to those who have served, it’s not about the food.

Both of these holidays are not about those who are currently serving and are in the military. These holidays often get confused and their meanings are misunderstood. Though it’s always a good idea to pay respects and show appreciation for current active duty members, these holidays have nothing to do with them. Veterans Day is about those who have served and are now retired from the military. Memorial Day is about those who have passed while serving.

Everyone loves to celebrate with loved ones. It’s a good excuse to come together and catch up with family members. However, if you don’t remember what holiday you’re celebrating, maybe you should take a step back. Taking a step back and educating yourself on the true meaning of the holiday you’re celebrating can help you find a new appreciation for it, and more reason to celebrate.