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How Do You Know You Found “The One”

How Do You Know You Found “The One”

Finding you’re fairytale ending is what most of us think about. Being with the one person that makes you a better version of yourself is a shared dream we all have. This has become the apple of our society’s eyes. How do you find it and how do you know what you found is real?

The current generation has been raised on Disney and fairytale love. However, this generation also has apps that make hooking up with strangers easier than ever. Deciphering whether or not you have the real deal can be complicated. Sure there are a bunch of quizzes online and you could even look at astrological signs to help you, but those don’t really help a whole lot. Thankfully, we have E-Harmony with a list of signs that mean you found the one:

You’re No Longer Playing the “Game” – When you’ve found “the one” you won’t be playing the dating game anymore. You won’t be chasing the perfect relationship, because you are in the perfect relationship.
You are Good Enough – You no longer feel the need to impress anyone else because “the one” makes you feel like you are enough.
Conflict is Easily Managed – Arguments will happen, and if you’re with “the one” you both will work through disagreements and find resolutions together.
Simple Tasks become Interesting – Your normal routine becomes more exciting when you’re with “the one.”
There’s No Drama – When you’re in the relationship with “the one” you’ll find minimal to no drama. This may be because you are no longer playing games in the relationship.
You’re Friends and Family Get It – You no longer have to explain to your friends and family why you love “the one” because they understand it. Your friends and family see how your relationship works, and they love it.
You Make them Happy – You can make “the one” happy just as much as they make you happy.
Same Life Goals – Your goals are similar, if not the same, as theirs.
Respect – You both hold mutual respect for each other.

Finding “the one” is a challenge, but staying with “the one” shouldn’t be too difficult. When it comes to deciding whether or not you found the one, you really shouldn’t have to ask yourself this. It should be obvious in the way that your relationship is so different than previous ones. You can rely on silly quizzes, or astrological signs, but ultimately only you will know the true answer.