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Coffee or Beer? Which Would You Rather Have?

Coffee or Beer? Which Would You Rather Have?

Drinking beer can be like tasting different coffees. There’s a lot that goes into brewing beer. Just like coffee there are different flavors and levels of roast. Both beer and coffee influence your body in some way or form. Coffee sharpens the senses and sends them into overdrive. Whereas beer does the complete opposite and slows you down. It impairs your judgment, and makes you feel a bit fuzzy. Though two great drinks, you need to drink both of them responsibly.

Coffee can get you wired and send your body into overdrive. You can actually overdose on caffeine and give your body a heart attack. Though that may be difficult to do with coffee, it can still happen. Coffee can have you so amped up, that you may feel sick. Like all things coffee in moderation is the key to not overdosing on the jitters.

Beer on the other hand tends to slow people down. Beer, unlike coffee, dulls your senses. You may be able to pound a few back with your friends but once you get up, you may feel the world wobble. Beer is an alcoholic beverage, so you get drunk from ingesting it. Being drunk is never fun, because you lose control of your body. On top of that, you then won’t be able to drive. Driving under the influence of any substance is a bad idea. You can land yourself with at least a DUI, or at most manslaughter, if you get into an accident.

Both coffee and beer have their drawbacks. However, that doesn’t change the popularity of these drinks. Everybody loves their Monday morning coffee, just like everybody enjoys their Friday night beer. The key to enjoying these drinks is moderation. Being aware of your body’s limits will help you continue to enjoy these marvelous drinks without trouble.

The similarities between coffee and beer are quite amazing. While one is typically drank during the morning, and the other at night, they both can be specialized to the individual. Coffees can have extra cream, and only three pumps of vanilla. Beer can be brewed with more malts or infused with fruits. With these drinks being specialized, it only adds to the desire to drink more.

Whichever beverage you choose to drink, don’t forget to drink responsibly and in moderation. While you can drink and drive with coffee, you definitely can’t do that with beer. Doing so will land you in serious trouble, which is something that nobody wants.