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Bullying can be Conquered

Criminal Threat Laws in California

Bullying can be Conquered

The bad guys in the movies don’t have a whole lot of fans. There are even some characters in films that everyone despises because the actors played the part so well. We don’t like the villain ruining our favorite heroes’ lives; so why do we let bullies continue to exist. Why don’t we try to change their motivation similarly to how we root for our favorite super villains’ to change their ways?

Let’s talk about the problem of bullying, even with our friends and family. Talking about bullying, and the problem that it is causing can help eliminate it all together. It’s a step in the right direction. Having an open conversations with your kids about signs of bullying, and how to be kind to others can go a long way. We need to not just focus on the victims, but also acknowledge the bully too, is suffering.

We need to confront the problem we face with bullying. A bully can be formed from many different scenarios. If a child has dysfunctional childhood, or is lacking some metaphysical need, they could eventually channel negative energy on to another kid in the form of bullying. Then the victim of the bullying generally has two options, talk about the problem or ignore it. The victim’s perspective on life will influence their decision.

Don’t let bullying fester, talk about it. Talking about it with friends, family, or someone who can make a difference is generally the healthiest option. If a victim decides to ignore the problem, this is where the sad stories start to form. This is where everyone feels bad, and wishes they could have done something different. That is why you shouldn’t let it fester. Don’t feel bad; be proactive about asking people: “How are they really doing?”

In a society where we glamorize everything being perfect, it’s time for us to acknowledge the imperfections of our world. Bullying needs to be addressed, not just after a tragedy, but constantly. There needs to be a conversation about bullying because bullies grow up to become bigger bullies. Bigger bullies will eventually pay a price that can be life altering, such as landing in jail. The lesson here is that we need to talk about it, we need to be proactive, and most importantly we need to listen.