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Bail Bond Eligibility

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Bail bonds get people out of jail. But they do not get everyone out of jail. Here are the requirements to being eligible for a bail bond.

  • You need to be 18 or older. Bail bonds are not available to any arrestee who is 17 or younger because these juveniles are not offered bail. They are released to their parents/ guardians.
  • The judge has to grant bail. Not every adult arrestee will be granted bail. For example, those accused of murder may more likely be held without bail. This means bail bonds cannot get you out of jail.
  • You, and anyone willing to help, will need to be able to afford the bail bond premium, which is 10% of whatever bail amount the judge ordered.

The third requirement should not be too hard, especially considering it is significantly less than paying the full bail amount. San Francisco Bail Bond Store is understanding and accommodating, which is why we offer customized payment plans to fit your financial needs.

Contact San Francisco Bail Bond Store today for a free consultation and to get started on paperwork for the bail bond. We can be reached online or 510-444-4091 at all hours of the day. We will not let you down.