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Are Lazy Days Bad?

Are Lazy Days Bad?

It’s so easy to postpone the things that we don’t want to do. All it takes is a little faith, procrastination, and an I-don’t-want-to-attitude. Even though we don’t recognize it, we do take short cuts on a regular basis to make it easier for ourselves. After all, why do we drive to work or school a certain way? The answer is simple, that route is faster, which makes things easier on us. However, some days it’s not just about cutting corners, it’s about not doing it at all. It’s about being lazy and not feeling guilty.

If you’re continuously hustling day-to-day, you may feel overworked and exhausted. Our body can be overworked physically, emotionally, and mentally. Taking a lazy day, or hour is perfectly acceptable. Our bodies need a moment to recharge, and taking a break is one of the ways we can relax. Taking a day to recharge maybe the best solution for you.

Being lazy, or having a lazy day can also just be in our genes. There can be a mutation that takes place in our DNA that makes us lazy. If you’re constantly being lazy, it could be in your DNA. According to studies, it has to do with your dopamine levels. Studies also suggest that being lazy is an actual trait that can be passed down from generation to generation.

We can often zone out and when we do, we enter a space of deep thought. This can be a good thing. Being lazy can give your brain a chance to think outside the box. When we’re constantly faced with mentally exhausting tasks, we burn out. A lazy moment can actually grant us a moment to recharge and re-think some problems.

If you’re ever having a lazy moment don’t stress over it too much. Try not to think of it as being lazy, rather you’re taking a moment to rest. It’s not really being lazy if you genuinely need a moment to relax. You may be lazier than your siblings, friends, or other acquaintances, but maybe you just have a different perspective of the world around you. After all, everyone is lazy from time to time.