What Counts as Looting in California?


Whenever an emergency strikes, people are bound to panic. This is only natural as systems that people have been able to rely on for their day to day lives begin to shut down. This is exactly what is happening as the COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic spreads across the world. In response to this virus, many non-essential systems have been shut down to reduce the spread of the disease.

Combine this with the fact that thousands, if not millions, of people have been panic stockpiling all kinds of resources, making it harder for everyone to get even the essentials, a lot of people are scared. For most people, this just means staying at home and avoiding going into public, which is what everyone should be doing anyway.
Unfortunately, there are people out there that see the deserted shopping cente...

What Is Price Gouging?


Anyone who knows about economics and the concept supply and demand knows that as demand goes up and supply struggles to keep up, prices can rise too. The more people want something, and the less of it there is, the more expensive that item becomes. This is something that a lot of people are experiencing as shortages of basic goods abound thanks to the panic caused by the COVID-19 (Corona) Virus.
As people struggle to get basic necessities, some people are taking advantage of the shortage to make a quick buck. For instance, the prices of hand sanitizer and facemasks shot up by roughly 500% on eBay...

Is Prop 47 Helping or Hurting California?


All the way back in 2014, California voters chose to enact Proposition 47. Prop 47 was billed as a way of making the punishment aspect of law and punishment fairer for many nonviolent offenses. With the passing of this proposition, certain crimes were reduced from felonies to misdemeanors.

By doing this, politicians hoped to reduce the amount of inmates in incarceration and save the state some money. The saved money would then be directed toward different services in an attempt to prevent people from turning to crime in the first place, and help rehabilitate those that had. Unfortunately, after 6 years, it is beginning to look more and more like the idea backfired.

What Prop 47 Was Meant to Do?

Prop 47’s primary concern was dealing with the overcrowding of California’s jail and prison s...

What Are Your Rights When You’re Pulled Over?


A whole lot of things can happen while a person is driving. One thing that most drivers would prefer to avoid is getting pulled over. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen, and the driver makes a mistake. Sometimes, as far as the driver knows, they didn’t do anything wrong but find themselves getting pulled over anyways.

When a person gets pulled over, they need to remember that they do have rights. These rights help protect a person from an officer who might be abusing their power. If a person’s rights are violated, they can take the matter to court.

Passenger Rights During the Stop

When someone has been pulled over by the police, they have two primary rights:

  • •The right to remain silent.
  • •The right to be free from unreasonable search and seizures.

The first right is pretty ...

How to Stay Out of Trouble This Spring Break


Spring is rapidly approaching and for most people, that means warmer weather. For college students, however, the season means a highly anticipated break is rapidly approaching. College students across the state, and the country, are gearing up for their spring breaks.

This is a chance to take a break from their studies, relax, and cut loose a bit. While spring break is all about fun, a person needs to be careful that they don’t get too wild. If they do, they could easily find themselves in trouble with the law. That is the last thing anyone wants to happen during their break.

Typically, spring break involves a lot of partying and drinking. This isn’t always a problem, but it can easily lead to problems for people...

What Is a California Stop?


There are lots of different rules that a driver has to follow while on the road. Failing to follow any of them can easily earn a person a ticket. Still, there are a ton of different laws, making it easy to forget one here and there. This is made even easier if most drivers forget, or chose to forget, certain laws.

One commonly forgotten or ignored law here in California revolves around something that every driver experiences daily: the stop sign. Stop signs are everywhere and it is rare for a driver to go anywhere without encountering at least one. One might think this would make it impossible for people to forget about the rule regarding stop signs, but that is not the case...

What Are Infractions, Misdemeanors, and Felonies?


What Are Infractions, Misdemeanors, and Felonies?

When it comes to crimes, they are broken up into three categories depending on their severity. Low level crimes are referred to as infractions, mid-level crimes are misdemeanors, and high level crimes are felonies. Understanding this distinction can help a person know just how much trouble someone is in when they are charged with a felony versus a misdemeanor.

A person is charged with an infraction for very low level crimes. Most traffic and parking tickets are considered infractions. Someone accused of these kinds of crimes will not face any jail time and will only have to deal with a small fee of no more than $250 here in California.

The next level of crimes are misdemeanors...

What Are Mandatory Reporting Laws?


What Are Mandatory Reporting Laws?

Child abuse is a very serious offense that most people do not ignore. As soon as it is discovered that someone has hurt or abused a child, the authorities will be alerted. Then the accused person will be arrested and face criminal charges. More on that can be found here.

Hurting a child is cruel and so most people are against the act. If they think they are seeing signs of child abuse, they will likely report it to the proper authorities. What some people may not be aware of, is that there are certain professions that are required by law to report suspected incidents of child abuse. Failing to do so can result in legal consequences.

Who Are Mandatory Reporters?

The state of California has a law known as Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA)...

What Are California’s Child Abuse Laws?


What Are California’s Child Abuse Laws?

Parenting a child isn’t an easy undertaking and isn’t something that should be stepped into lightly. Sometimes kids misbehave and need to be punished in order to learn that what they did was wrong. However, how a child is punished could get a parent into legal trouble. Most forms of corporal punishment are highly frowned upon.

Hurting a child is known as child abuse. Child abuse can come in many forms and can be severely damaging to a kids mentalphysical health. This can affect how the child grows up and what kind of person he or she might become. This is why child abuse is such a big deal, and why it is illegal.

What Is Child Abuse in California?

Child abuse isn’t just a horrible thing to do to a child, it is illegal here in California un...